“Answers” acoustic at Spice of Life in London!

Hey, I performed “Answers” acoustic for the second time this Monday at Spice of Life in Leicester Square, just next to the theatre where “Harry Potter: The Cursed Child” is staged! Watch the video below!

A Polish Song sung live in London

A few days ago I had a nice opportunity to sing one of my beloved Polish songs written by Agnieszka Osiecka. I was accompanied by my friend from Argentina, Carolina Aguirre – Anderson who performed on the piano. I know I cannot compare myself to the greatest Polish artists who had performed that song, especially […]

“Answers” stays instrumental!

My newest song, “Answers” will remain only as an instrumental track due to the loss of my project with the song. Unfortunately, I didn’t back up earlier and now I have to leave it as it is. I will still perform it live, so please look for live videos! 🙂 Listen to the instrumental here:

“Answers” Instrumental on Soundcloud

My newest song will have an interesting instrumental. The song was written to be a protest against people forgetting about us. First of all, please listen to the instrumental version. The full version will be available soon.

“A man in the fog” – listen to the demo

Listen to the demo of my latest song, “A man in the fog” on Youtube or here!  

“A man in the fog” available online!

Man in the fog is a song describing how we perceive fear – in this case a man approaching us every time we have to face something worrying or disturbing. But as it turns out, when we face it, the fear is an old man we’ll see many times in our lives. Just say hello […]

“Brighter than you think” has been published!

“Brighter than you think” is a song I wrote regarding a depressive state some people around me were suffering from. It copes with the idea of the darkness surrounding us when we experience this illness. Listen to it online or download here.

Listen to “Woman in Black” demo version!

Listen to the demo version of my first published song, “Woman in Black” on YouTube or here.

“Woman in Black” available online

Woman in Black is finally available online. You can listen online or download it from BandCamp. Check it here: https://dominikbrendan.bandcamp.com/track/woman-in-black  

“Woman in Black” – string rehearsals

Woman in Black, the first song I have decided to publish will feature live string recorded. The quartet consists of two violins, alto violin and cello. The rehearsals took place in Bytom Cultural Centre. I am grateful for the effort of all the people involved! LISTEN TO the whole song! Visit www.dominikbrendan.com and sign up […]

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