Dominik Brendan – me about myself.

Above all, I’m a human. I believe this will tell much to the reader because there’s something missing in the idea of humanity today. I strongly want to take care of my human values and do not fall under external pressure that one is supposed to think this or that way. Oldschooly, I believe in following your heart.

I believe that if we dug deeper I would consider myself as an artist. I would call myself a musician in the past, and even earlier, I wouldn’t dare to use this title – I didn’t feel attached to that. Today, I believe that I’m an artist and I try to take steps to become better and better. I don’t believe in that common picture of an artist as a creator, genius, add any adjective you like. I consider myself as a receiver with his task to pick the purest fidelity throughout his life. I don’t see myself as the author of things I have published.

Why don’t I call myself a musician? Actually, I do because I consider music as my main profession but, personally, I prefer the word “artist” explaining my activity more generally. I used to refuse the idea I could do something except music but, as I have experienced a long period of musical emaciating, I noticed I am also inspired in different areas of my life. I allowed them to come and exist in our world. That is why I believe in me as an artist, more generally.

I think that the reader should be explained how my artistic name appeared in my life. As you have had opportunity to read that Dominik is my real name given by my mum. Brendan, in one of Celtic dialects, means raven. That is all!


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