Do you believe in me and my music?

I have been always committed and always wanted to be professional. I studied composition, acting, musical theatre performance. I created this website by myself learning the web development languages to share my art with you. Perhaps you know me personally or at least we have spoken so I am sure you know how important it is for me to stay close to music. Although it may seem rather obvious, many people forget that in order to survive in music, we need to add something to the music. It’s business. The music business allows someone like me to live and create. I think I am a good businessman and I treat money well. Perhaps you could ask…

… what I will invest in?

That’s a good question. First of all, I will invest in three main things: myself (education and courses), my music (buying new equipment, paying musicians, hiring great producers) and my business (developing the structure of communication and investing money in things that can bring profits). You will ask then…

… how can I contribute and what I get?

You can contribute in two ways – filling the form below supporting me directly or becoming my patron on Patreon. I will receive the money either way. Of course, I am very grateful for each donation. For Patreon users, the profits are stated with each package. For people supporting me directly:

  • One time donation: you will get an e-mail with access to my private blog where I share my experiences from this fight for the world dominance! You will be also stated as a contributor in my future video.
  • Monthly, recurring donation: every month you will get an e-mail with an invitation to take part in my streaming performance and news/discounts for other things connected with my EMPIRE! 🙂



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