Man in the fog //

Darkness covers city streets
Fog swathes every lamp
You need to walk under the bridge
There’s no other way

Then you see a shape of a man
Not so far away
Wind brings cold straight to your heart
With every breath you take

A man in the fog
You’ve seen him before
You’ll see him again
Sometimes day after day
Look into his eyes
He’ll certainly smile
But never run off
The man in the fog

Closer, closer
You are getting
To that manly shape
You can hear the steps he’s making
Tapping on the brick

There’s no other sound but silence
Broken by your steps
One could almost smell his fragrance
Made of many smells

A man in the fog…

Then the light reveals his face
It’s an older, smiling man
Says good evening with such grace
Lifting the hat on his head
And walks away

A man in the fog… (x2)

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